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Open Renewables is a pioneer in the renewable energy sector and has been active as a photovoltaic module manufacturer since 1994. Acting with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, innovation, value and social & environmental responsibility, Open Renewables has consistently been a preferred OEM manufacturing partner for leading German companies as well as a trusted partner to EPC companies, system integrators and installers specialized on PV modules. Open Renewables has its own in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities. Besides undergoing extensive and constant quality control in-house, Open Renewables products are also certified by TÜV Rheinland. Open Renewables has over one million units produced and installed worldwide since 1994.


The fundamental mission of Open Renewables focuses on producing high-quality products, at the right cost, delivered on time and meeting the requirements of all parties that directly or indirectly determine and justify the development of our activity. As a company linked to the renewable energy industry, operating on a high complexity global competitive market, Open Renewables operates from a perspective to continuously improve the quality of their products, addressing systematically the risks and opportunities, ensuring the effectiveness of its management system, while minimizing the direct and indirect impacts on the environment, with respect for all the legal requirements, the interests and expectations of our community and in the physical and psychological well-being of our employees.
We recognize our social responsibilities as a long-term contributor to the economic, cultural, environmental and human development in the region and the communities where we operate and never losing sight of the full compliance with all requirements applicable to our business.

Quality Policy Objectives

  • Produce and market products of recognized Superior Quality at a fair cost that creates value.
  • Absolute priority on Customer Satisfaction, on the Quality and Reliability of our products and services.
  • Develop our activity with the least possible impact on the environment by adopting policies aimed at continuous monitoring and minimizing these impacts, whether direct or indirect.
  • Ensure, through internal rules of conduct, the protection of the safety and well being of each of our employees in order to minimize the risks deriving from their activity, preserving their health.
  • Investing in modern and pioneering technologies, keeping the company in the technological, environmental and ergonomic forefront of the industry.
  • Achieve, through continuous improvement, process approach and risk-based thinking, the goals of “Zero Human Error”, ” Minimal Environmental Impact” and “Absolute Priority to Health and Safety at Work”.
  • Ensure compliance with all the legal requirements, under which the Open Renewables exercises its activity.


Open Renewables mission is focused on customer satisfaction; product and service Quality; Social and Environmental accountability; technology innovation and R&D, our corner stones are Quality; reliability; innovation our traditional values since 1994, Being faithful to our values will provide us the right to earn our customers trust. Institutional investors and thousands of families which all over the world have been using our products, This strategy will allow us to development our business in an honest; trustful and knowledgeable way; creating value to customers; share holders; employees; partners and local community, to assist us in reaching our targets management has implemented a Quality Assurance system according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 combined with best in Industry practices such as Continuous Development; Kaizen; Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Group History

Amândio José Lobo; Lda was founded on the 9th April 1982 by Amândio José Lobo (father); Joaquim Serra Lobo; João Serra Lobo and António Serra Lobo (sons), The company has started their activity on a small 40 m² tool shop at Évora historical town center. The company specialized on the production of precision metal components, Just 5 years after the company moved to Évora’s Industrial area; to a 300 M² hall, On 1990 the company has employing already 100 people; and 600M² of floorspace were added to accommodate a second business Unit: Automotive components, Currently we have over 7900 M² and over 250 employees; active on four business units: automotive; aerospace; solar and emerging businesses. Open Renewables; SA is a company incorporated under the Portuguese laws. The company remains 100% owned by the Lobo family and Group of companies.

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